Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer In the City Haiku (vote for your favorite)

Carolyn Johnson Spargo
två människor vid vatten
dröm om framtiden

On late summer nights
Sarah Erickson Lume
how do bugs survive
such long winters she asks me
as she stomps on ants
Dee Schlong
Haiku Entry:
Rolling hills happy,
Searching for smiling flowers,
Sun fills my spirit.
Kristin Bergstrom Gibbs
Warm, alive again
Run,walk, bike,soak up the lakes
Each day a gift,skol!

Sturdy legs, bright red;
The Dahl horse enjoys summer.
Simple, cheerful, grand.
Chad Snelson
Movies and Music
The Walker almost blew it
Red Wine in the Park
Danielle Langehaug
Wow, I am tired...tired.
How many syllables are
there in Haiku? Two!
Sarah Erickson Lume
summer rain won’t stop
her from doing a cartwheel
in the kiddy pool
Cheryl J. Olson
Svenskarnas Dag nears
Music, food and dance abound
4th Sunday in June
Judith Erva
ja i am swedish
no i don't color my hair
stop asking me that
Susan Brower
Is DQ open?
I’ll give you ten bucks if you
Get me a blizzard
Kari Volkmann-Carlsen
Warm People
Shoulders unhunched, breathe
Life's a full-bodied smile
Stretched on a green lawn
Sarah Erickson Lume
light pinwheels through trees
crashing into swing sets and kids
without making a sound
Brad Neuhauser
Picnic planned today
Morning wind blows in a storm
Beach ball at the curb

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