Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We get very happy and excited around here when we come across a new Swedish designer yet to make a splash in the U.S. We get even more excited and happy when that designer has wonderful and funky products for us to offer.

Case in Point - Swedish illustrator Ingela P Arrhenius, whose aggressively happy designs are brightening up our store room.

Her book, 100 Wood Block Figures, showcases an exhibition of her hand painted wood block figures. Since all of the figures in the book were sold and dispersed, she calls it her “family album.” We dare you not to smile as you scroll through the images below.

Ingela’s designs are also available on greeting cards. The cards are on their way and will be available in our store this week. Just try to pick a favorite.

Of course there are Tea Towels and Dishcloths too. The Tea Towel comes in one great retro(y) design available in three different color combinations. The Dishcloths feature your choice of a Cat, a Rooster, or an Owl. Good luck choosing, you should probably get one of each.

Rounding off our Ingela Funfest is her inexplicably addicting and original book 142 Actors, which is, of course, a book showcasing Ms. Arrhenius’ interpretations of a German talent catalogue circa 1933 that she found on her bookshelf. Go ahead, re-read that last sentence, it still won’t make any sense, but the little book is fascinating and inspiring and would look stellar on your coffee table.

 (Almost all images courtesy of Ingela)

You can learn more about and follow Ingela on her blog at www.ingelaparrhenius.com, and of course order all of her happy happy products @ shopswedish.com

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