Friday, June 3, 2011

The Haiku Contest is Heating Up ( vote for your favorite)

Matthew J. Kinservik
Birds are *really* loud
Open windows, bright mornings
Summer wakes me up
Katy Freed Epler
Oh, the pressure's on
I'm not good at poetry
But here goes nothing
Peggy Korsmo-Kennon
Desk chair spins she exits
Red kayak leaves beach and floats
Auto-reply Out
Sarah Erickson Lume
new road construction
I turn the radio on
I take my watch off
Elyse Ericsson
Sandals on bare soles
Tires whirring, gears clicking, squeaks
Summer sings gently
Paul Kruse
Summertime is here
Glogg is out of season now
Elderflower gins!
John Podeszwa
Yvette Webster
Lovely lake water
Laps softly against my feet
In summer I bloom
Nina Clark
Note: bike with mouth shut-
Gnat clouds on the Greenway trail
Make an icky snack.
Ramona Harristhal
Green as green can be,
We wait so long for heaven.
Sit and drink it in!
Savage Press
Buzz buzz cicadas.
Hum hum streetlights and cool rum.
Kids running in sun.

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