Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The weather...

The weather is just weird for the moment. Heavy rain, sunshine, cold, warm, thunder yes you name it. It is just shifting every other minute and it feels like the best choice is to stay inside because I do not want to go out for a bike ride and risk to be soaking wet on the way back home. Therefore I've started to read a new book, Lars Kepler - Hypnotisören (The Hypnotist). I cannot stop reading and it is just the perfect entertainment on a rainy day. I was so glad that I found it here since I forgot to buy a Swedish book before going to Minneapolis. One can argue that I should read something in English while I'm here but it is nice to not have to concentrate on the language for just a moment.

A nice cup of tea and the book makes the time disappear for a couple of hours. The story of the author(s) is interesting in itself since it is a pseudonym but the book is even better. Reading is nice but let's hope for some nice weather now!

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