Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Made by Hand, especially for little hands

 Combining eco-practices with great design, Soopsori creates extraordinary toys

Soopsori’s all natural wood toys are Eco-Friendly, child-friendly and child-safe. All of their toys are made by hand from sustainably harvested wood. The toys are finished with a type of natural linseed oil that is free from biocides and preservatives.

Using 20 types of carefully selected natural woods, each Soopsori toy is as unique as the child that plays with it.  The Toys are finished with linseed oil, making them perfectly safe for even the smallest of hands or mouths.   

The wheels roll true for the fastest police chase

 Using natural woods without dyes or paints, allows each product to have its own color, pattern, texture, and even smell. According to Soopsori, the pleasing and distinctive smell is absorbed into the wood from the distinctive weather conditions and soil where it was planted.

Okay, but will the kids play with them? You bet. The cars and trucks have moving wheels and the fishing set has built in magnets to allow your child to make the perfect “catch.”  And the Robots? We dare you to try and not play with the moveable Robots. The taught rope that connect the body parts allows for posing in dozens of ways.

Fishing Set has hidden magnets - nothing to fall out or swallow

Because Soopsori toys contain no sharp edges, bolts, or paint, they are 100% recyclable – not that you will tire soon from these amazingly adorable toys.

Posing the Robot is one of our guilty pleasures

Even the packaging is 100% recyclable. The company is so dedicated to being “green” and responsible, that they recycle the sawdust and other remnants of the manufacturing process as well. All Soopsori toys are tested and pass new CPSA requirements.

Feel good about the gifts you give. These toys are sure to make the child and child-like in your life smile, and as always, proceeds help fund The American Swedish Institute's Education and Outreach Programs.

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