Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seriously Cool Ways to Play with Herbs

It’s not always easy to have a garden when you live in the city. I think that’s why so many of us stick with growing herbs in little pots when summer rolls around.
Lucky for us, and you, there is no short supply of cool gadgets and stylish ways to
make your herb growing fun.

The designers at Normann Copenhagen have come up with the perfect space saving Herb Stand. Herb Stand organizes your herbs and keeps them tidy, without being boring.  Scissors and herbs are gathered together in one place, making it easy to season your food.

Have more than a few chives to chop? Check out the Five-Blade action of these Stainless steel Herb Scissors. These dishwasher safe scissors will make quick work of pile of parsley or bunch of basil.

Want to chop you herbs more efficiently? You will need the Chop Knife by Normann Copenhagen. This razor sharp knife allows easy one-hand chopping. And yes, you will look cool too. Seriously great gift.

Now that we’ve got you thinking of herbs and gardening, perhaps a little inspiration will get you moving. We highly recommend GardenAnywhere an extremely informative book by Alys Fowler that can help you turn any little spot of land into a perfect mini-garden.

Combine the book and scissors, or perhaps the Knife and some fresh herbs and you have one fantastic gift idea….or present for yourself. Happy Gardening.

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